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July 3, 2018
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August 13, 2018

The day was organised by Amethyst Events

The summertime continues and the good times just keep rolling at Austin’s Ices! After we had so much fun being a part of Ellie Legget’s 18th birthday bash earlier in the month, we were thrilled to hear from Amethyst Events, who were looking to hire some of our ice cream vans for yet another birthday celebration…with a twist.

Once again, this was no ordinary birthday. Albis UK, a global manufacturing company and one of Amethyst’s most beloved clients, were looking to commemorate their 50th anniversary. As a leading name in their industry, Albis deserved nothing less than the absolute best upon reaching such a huge milestone. And as one of the premier mobile ice cream vendors in the North West, we were perfect for the job!

Fun times with a rustic feel

The lovely people at Amethyst had arranged a family fun day for the employees at Albis – the ideal way to honour the company’s core values while rewarding its dedicated workforce with an unforgettable day spent alongside their friends and loved ones.

The event itself took place at the gorgeous countryside location of Orchard Farm in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. Our colourful and immaculately presented ice cream vans stood out in all the right ways amongst the distinctly rural setting. Sprawling, lush gardens were dotted with carnival games and gift stalls, all centred around a giant marquee. There was even a unique spin on the concept of the traditional country pub, with inflatable mini breweries on hand to quench everyone’s thirst. Such a fun idea! We knew going in that Amethyst Events had a reputation for pulling out all the stops, but they even exceeded our expectations. Judging by the hordes of smiling faces, we weren’t the only ones who were impressed. Our fantastic array of ices went down a treat, too, and we had a steady stream of visitors lining up for their favourite cool confections throughout the day. As usual, several opted for the trusted classic – a smooth and creamy helping of Mr Whippy. But we had a wide selection of goodies to choose from including slushies, hotdogs and knickerbocker glories, which many of the guests delighted in taking full advantage of!

Even when the skies clouded over, spirits remained high

After a few hours of fun and laughter, things began to wind down towards late afternoon. Satisfied that we’d done our part to give Albis a celebration worthy of being in business for half a century, and with a host of new friends and memories made, we said our goodbyes and were on our way. On the way home, we thought about Albis and their continued success. Fifty years in business is a truly remarkable achievement, and one that we aspire to reach ourselves one day. Everyone who has been a part of their story should be incredibly proud. We’d also like to give one last thankyou to Amethyst Events, who were an absolute joy to work with and a force to be reckoned with themselves. We hope to collaborate with them again soon, and look forward to whatever the future holds. Summer is still young, so bring it on!

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