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June 18, 2018
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Holiday Inn staff lining up for their a dose of Mr Whippy

Recently, we got a call from the Holiday Inn at MediaCityUK. They were looking for a way to reward their workforce for all the hard work they put in. Hotel bosses thought hiring one of our ice cream vans and having us on hand with our signature selection of lollies ,screwballs and more would be the perfect way to say thankyou. We agreed wholeheartedly!

Always a pleasure visiting MediaCityUK

Arriving on site early in the afternoon, with clear skies overhead and the summer sun shining, we began to set up shop. Our gorgeous, immaculate van was glistening in the sunshine and we were feeling good about the task ahead. We’d been told in advance to expect around 50 staff, so we were well prepared and knew that things weren’t going to get to hectic. The hotel building is also right on the water at Salford Quays, which made for a peaceful atmosphere and some lovely views while we waited for our first few arrivals.

Soon enough the wonderful staff at the Holiday Inn started to make their way outside, eager to get their Mr Whippy fix. Since the hotel had to be kept running smoothly, and to avoid the disruption of everybody leaving their post at once, we catered to the team in three separate shifts. As we began serving, it became clear that there was an eclectic mix of tastes amongst this bunch! From fruity to creamy. From sweet to citrus. No two consecutive requests were ever the same. We were more than up to the task, though, and our massive range of cool, sweet delights ensured that there was no trouble finding something for everyone.

Excited staff came out in shifts so that things coult still run smoothly at the hotel

Despite the relaxed nature of the job, the afternoon almost seemed to pass by too quickly. Everyone we met was charming and friendly, and we practically felt like part of the family by the time we’d made our last serving. It’s easy to see why a dream time like this had more than earned a little token of gratitude. We couldn’t be more proud to have been to ones who made it happen!

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